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SPSM Läromedel Försäljning

Ordertelefon: 010-473 57 11
Måndag–torsdag 09.00–12.00 13.00–15.00
För utlandskunder: +46 771 324 325
Adress: Nygatan 18–20, 903 27 Umeå

Teknisk information

Ritade Tecken fungerar på Windows, Mac och Linux i webbläsare som Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari samt Edge.

We recommend Google Chrome but there are also other options.

If you are using an outdated browser such as Internet Explorer, you can switch to Edge which comes preinstalled with Windows 10, alternatively install Chrome for older versions of Windows.

Please note that only Edge version 79 or newer is supported. Older versions will not work. Upgrade at Microsoft

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